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Dear 2013 Kate,
wow i havent been on this thing for like at least 3 years what happened i dont remember any of this was it a dream? this went until i was 15? Wow. just wow. 
its like a time capsule. i will never delete this. 
when i was last here i thought i was straight. 
when i was last here i thought all my friends were straight. how naive.
when i was last here i was a heteronormative piece of shit. and didnt know what heteronormative meant.
when i was last here i thought i was going to go to med school and become a physical therapist.
when i was last here i still plucked my eyebrows within an inch of their lives.
when i was last here i was a fucking sophomore in high school and i thought i knew everything.
when i was last here i had just started running track.
when i was last here i had just gone to the only prom i would go to with a boy.
when i was last here my curfew was midnight.
when i was last here i was still concerned with trying to please my mother with my looks.
Holy shit mom hadnt moved yet. oh my god bryan hadnt even stayed over before. 
i think dad and pam had just started dating? had they?? maybe not.
the world had just failed to end.
i didnt watch the superbowl that year.
i think i wrote 2013 on a paper the other day.
im cringing at everything on here but you know what thats okay 
sometimes i forget about this place. but its fun to come back so i can make fun of annie. and lauren too. 
holy shit i was friends with Craig McCracken on this? is that a mutual thing?
Yikes the groups i was a member of though.
wow. i just. yikes.
Paul was still dating claire, i think. wow.
he could barely grow a beard then, but he was so proud. 
god i said so many shitty things to people that year.
i hadnt even heard of flogging molly
or dragon age (thats gonna haunt me)
im equal parts impressed and horrified 

this is atrocious. i love it.

2016 Kate
  • Listening to: Blackbird
i love deviantart, even if I haven't been showing it lately.

i especially enjoy that when you browse "beauty" the first two and a half pages have no people in them


Kate Brunette
United States
1. Know more songs than just American Idiot, Holiday, their songs that only play on the radio and were made within the last few years.
2. Know the names of each and every one of the band members.
3. Know that Billie is spelled with an 'ie', not a 'y'.
4. Shout YES when they hear a Green Day song playing.
5. Know Tre's real name.
6. Know what The Bullwinkle Cheech is.
7. Punch cousins/brothers/parents/ friends for dissing Green Day.
8. Like the band not only because they think that Billie/Mike/Tre are hot.
9. Know what Billie loves to do while singing Hitchin' A Ride
10. Post this on their profile.
11. Can sing Green Day songs in their sleep.
12. Like to watch Bullet In A Bible over and over again.
13. Get pissed off when Green Day doesn't win an award.
14. Will wait for the new Green Day album no matter how long it'll take for it to come out.
15. Hate people that think that American Idiot is Green Day's first album.
16. Overreact when they see stuff related with Green Day.
17. Know Green Day's old name.
19. Hate it when people spell Green Day as one word.
20. Know what Green Day means.
21. Don't make a big deal about Billie/Mike/Tre's sexuality.
22. Can recite the track listing for every one of Green Day's album.
23. Know that Reprise is NOT the first label that they signed to.
24. Know the name of the drummer before Tré.
25. Know that Dookie IS NOT their first album.
26. Know that the hidden track in Dookie is called All By Myself and not just some random song about masturbation.
27. Love them even when they don't wear guy liner.
28. Want Billie/Mike/Tre to be happy (as in, not wanting their families to separate, although some already have).
29. Have listened to Green Day songs 24/7 AT LEAST ONCE!

Favourite genre of music: alternative and punk
Favourite style of art: traditional, music
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano G5
Favourite cartoon character: bloo
Personal Quote: i dream about green day more than i dream about the guy i have a crush on.

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